Mind is moving installation 2 from hugh fox on Vimeo.
‘A nod to Cage’ De Le Warr Pavilion¬† 16 April – 5 June 2011.

Hugh Fox Mind is Moving (2011)
Performance/two channel video installation
The work focuses on John Cage’s favourite sound experience; the sound of silence (the aural landscape of our everyday lives). For Cage, the beauty of this audio landscape is that it’s always different, no sound is ever the same.

With opposing soundtracks, two screens will broadcast an audio and visual meditation that explores the relationship between the sounds of our minds and the movements of our bodies, exhibiting how we can appear physically still, with the mind moving at speed, or moving relentlessly on the surface, but experiencing a deep state of meditative flow within.

These videos are displayed side by side and the audio is switched – so they are best seen as an installation rather than two separate pieces like this.